Make Money Online Series: Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

how-affiliate-marketing-worksIn the simplest words, affiliate marketing is basically helping a company to sell their products online, and you will get paid some amount of commission whenever there is someone who purchase the products through your affiliate link that you put in your website.

Let’s say if the product priced at $100, you might get 10 percent commission for each sale you make and that means you got $10 every time you sold that particular item.

In affiliate marketing world, the company is often called advertiser and the affiliates (you) is called publisher.

Sometimes the advertiser connected to the publisher through affiliate marketing network where the publishers can find many products to promote from various advertisers.

But there are also cases where the advertisers open their own affiliate marketing program so that the publisher can register directly and promote the particular products from that advertiser.

Affiliate marketing history has been growing in parallel with the boom of internet and digital era of information. With massive advancement in technology, many companies are enabled to market their products online and many of them realized that it’s a great business opportunity. However with all the competition and the diversity of internet, those companies need help to penetrate market as deep as they can, so that they use affiliate marketing scheme to attract bloggers, content publisher, internet celebrities to boost their sales.

What You Need To Start Affiliate Marketing

1. A Good Potential Niche

There are so many products in affiliate network that you can promote, but the competition for each type of product might be different one to another. The more popular the niche, there will be more people in the internet selling the stuff that is related to the particular niche. To ensure that you make enough sale, you must choose the right niche with competition level that you can win.

2. Hosting And Domain

When you register in a affiliate network, they will be likely ask you about your website. It’s kinda mandatory for some affiliate network to have a website before joining their program.

Actually to promote your affiliate link, a hosting and a domain name isn’t always required. You can use social media and free web/blogging platform to promote your affiliate link. But by having your own hosting and domain name, you will have more freedom to control your content and of course you will be safer from

How to do affiliate marketing?

Here are the complete and simplified step by step guide to start affiliate marketing:

1. Research the market that you want to get into and pick a niche.

Pick a niche that interests you. It might be fitness, body building, weight loss, nutrition, health, business, hosting, etc. After that, you might want to use keyword research tool to look at your niche target potential.

I think it would be better if you have some passion in the niche you choose, so that you won’t be troubled when you must input a lot of content to your affiliate site in the next step ahead. But it is also important to notice that the niche you choose should be a commercial niche and you have to be sure that there will company who sell a relevant product.

2. Build a website that is relevant to the niche market. Input good content into your website.

Buy a good domain name that relates to your niche and a good hosting to serve your website pages. Use WordPress to build your website fast and easy, this is the winner CMS for every internet marketer and professionals out there, by using WordPress you just simply avoid massive technical headaches about web development.

After you have a decent wordpress site installed and running, then you should fill your website with valuable information. People will highly appreciate website that give them valuable information only, and when people likes your website then most likely search engines will give you good rank. Post only quality content to your website, post consistently.

3. Join affiliate marketing network which offer a relevant products to your niche market

In order to get products to promote, you need to join the right affiliate marketing network, or if it’s available you could join the affiliate marketing programs that is provided directly by the advertiser.

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4. Place the affiliate link in your site, use URL shortener.

As soon as you are registered in the affiliate marketing program, you can search for affiliate link for the product that you want to promote in your website. Place the affiliate link in your website along with a relevant article post so that you can drive your website’s visitors to the advertiser and get paid if they buy something there.

5. Promote your website

Increase the number of visitor to your website by promoting it (use social media), inputting quality content consistently and build backlinks. Combine SEO and social media marketing to gain more traffic.