Make Money Online Series: Google AdSense

How Do AdSense Works?

AdSense is simply an advertising platform for publishers/website owners who want to make money from their website content. The publishers just need to put AdSense code into their website then drive visitors to their website and earn some revenue each time there is a click on the ads.

The brilliant part of AdSense is: It will automatically show the most relevant ads that is suitable for the page where it is placed into. So the advertiser and publisher don’t need to manually manage the ads. From the website visitor’s point of view, they will only see relevant ads which enrich the content itself.

If you wondering where the ads come from, the answer is AdWords. Google accommodates the advertisers needs in this platform, so that they can create the text for the ads, adjust the budget for the ads and choose in which topic their ads will show up.

The advertisers spend their money on AdWords and The publishers put the AdSense code into their website, so that whenever someone visit the website and click on the ads:

  • The advertiser pay some amount of money to Google,
  • and then Google share a portion of that money with the publisher who has the particular website that refers ads click.

How Much Money Will I Get From AdSense?

If your website is doing well and get, let’s say, 2K visitors a month. You might get about USD 5 – USD 10 a month.

Where is this comes from? It’s just a rough estimation. Actually your earning may vary, depends on:

  1. how much money the advertiser is willing to pay for every ads click they got (Cost Per Click rates),
  2. and how many ads clicks you got on your website.

If for example, the advertiser spend $1 for each website click, you might end up getting $0.4-$0.6 for each ads click  in your website (Google takes the rest). While your fully optimized website might get 2-3K traffic each month and you got about 30-40 clicks every months. So the earning potential would be $0.4 x 30 = $12 to $18 per month.

Not enough money for you? Easy, you just need to increase visitor to your website. The more visitor you get, the more potential click you get. If the same calculation applied to a website that has 20K-30K visitor per month, then the earning potential would be $120 to $180 per month.

Want to earn $1,000 or more per month from AdSense? You just need to drive more visitor to your website. If you got $0.5 for each ads click, then you need 2,000 ads click per month to get $1,000 and that means you need to drive 200,000 visitors per month because mostly every 100 visits you will only get 1 click (1% Click Through Rate).

Still not enough? Then try to increase the number of visitor more, you can read how to increase your AdSense earning below.

What Tools Do I Need To Make Money Online From Google AdSense?

You’re gonna need a website or a YouTube channel, content (you can outsource this if you have budget or you can create your own), a verified Google AdSense account, and online payment processor like Payoneer (to withdraw money). You can also withdraw your AdSense earning with check or Western Union.

How Much Money Will It Cost Me To Get Started?

For domain and hosting it would cost you about USD 20 – USD 50 per year depends on the provider you use.

If you decide to hire people to create content for you, it might cost you much more. For one good article (SEO friendly, copyscape passed, etc) which consists of 1,000 words, it will cost you about USD 4 – USD 20, but if you require your article to be written by professional and deeply researched then it might cost you more than USD 20 or more for 1,000 words. This is of course only for those who have big starting budget, I don’t recommend to buy content for beginner.

How To Make Money Using Google AdSense?

Like I said before, to earn money with this method, all you need to do is to place AdSense code in your website. But in order to do that, you need to pass several steps.

The steps described below might look simple, but in reality every single of it requires you to spend time, brain power, motivation or even some of your money to get done. Make sure to keep up your spirit while doing these steps:

  1. Choose your niche
  2. Build your website or YouTube Channel
  3. Fill it with content, a good quality and original article/video
  4. Create Google AdSense Account (if you don’t have one yet)
  5. Drive traffic to the website/channel
  6. Optimize your website (ads placement, themes, load speed, etc)

Need help to set up your first website?

Read this: How To Set Up Your First WordPress Based Website With Paid Domain And Hosting

Need help to build content for your website?

Read this: How To Create Great Article For Your Blog

Attention: For you who don’t have AdSense account yet, you have to fill your website/channel with some quality content first before applying for account opening. A good original blog will likely easier to get AdSense approval.

If you have done all the steps above and still getting pennies per day from AdSense, don’t give up. Because making money from AdSense needs patience and hard work, you won’t get instant money after setting up a blog in 10 minutes. So, keep posting quality and relevant content for your blog/YouTube channel and keep optimizing your website to get massive traffic. Always remember that more traffic = more money.

You might get stuck with content creation sometime. It would be great if you have two or three micro niche websites to work with, because when you run out of idea to post with one website, you might still post another topic in your other website. But if you think you can stick to posting one related topic, one micro niche site should be fine to begin with.

How to increase my AdSense income?

If you are using AdSense in your website, here are ways to increase your earnings:

  • Drive more traffic to your website. This means you must input more content into your website to make your website even more attractive both for human visitors or search engines. Or you might try to use SEO service to boost your website rank so that it shows in the first page of Google SERP and obviously get more visitors.
  • Build another niche website. You can always put your AdSense code in all website you own. If you already making money in one website, why don’t you just copy it and build another one with different topic? Sounds very simple, but need time and hard work to implement though. By having more websites with different niche, you can increase your potential traffic and your CPC (Cost Per Click) rate.
  • Place your ads in a more strategic place. This needs trial and error to get the best results. Basically this method used just to increase your CTR (Click Through Rates). More CTR percentage means more ads click and that means good for your online income.

Need help about AdSense account?

For more information, you can always visit the AdSense website.

Some info you need to know about AdSense Payment:

  • Minimum payment threshold for AdSense earning is USD 100 which means you won’t get paid unless you have accumulated USD 100 or more in your account. However, you may change the payment threshold to more than USD 100 if you want.
  • AdSense schedule publisher payment in a monthly cycle. So if your AdSense last month earning exceeds the payment threshold and you don’t have any payment hold issue, AdSense make payment around 21st the next month.
  • For new publishers, you will be mailed a PIN to your address as soon as your AdSense earnings exceeds the address verification threshold. You must input this PIN to get further payment from AdSense. So be sure to input the correct address into your AdSense account profile or you won’t get money from this internet goldmine.

Pay Great Attention For Google AdSense Policy and TNC To Avoid Getting Banned

AdSense is one of the best PPC gold mine out there, believe me, you don’t want to get banned even if you just making small amount of money from your AdSense site. Someday you might get a lot from AdSense, so prevent yourself of being banned, read and follow the policy and the terms and conditions strictly.

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