Make Money Online With AliExpress Affiliate

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Why Should You Join AliExpress Affiliate Program?

AliExpress is a huge retail marketplace with a global scale consumers from around the world. It connects consumers who want to buy products with wholesalers or even manufacturers so you will see a lot of products at a competitive price.

AliExpress was launched at April 2010 and has been grown really fast with more than one hundred million products supplied by more than 200 thousands manufacturers and suppliers since then.

The growth is supported by the facts that AliExpress give many advantages to buyers by offering them quality products at wholesale price even in a small quantity order. Moreover, AliExpress is also giving free shipping on many products listed there.

For the sellers, AliExpress brings a very big market potential to increase their revenue. In fact, AliExpress processed more orders than Ebay and Amazon combined and has annual turnover at $248 billions.

The good news: Now you can get commission by bringing sales to AliExpress through its affiliate program. It is really a great opportunity to catch, just by looking at the number.

Things To Consider Before You Start

1. Niche selection.

You need to find a niche with great potential that have many products listed in AliExpress. The more popular the niche, the more competition you will likely face. There might be no perfect niche with high number of demand and little competition, you just need to know that you have the confidence to compete in that particular niche you choose.

Make sure to do some research before you decide to start and spend your money and time.

2. Domain selection.

Long tail keyword domain name might help you to get good rank in search engine in a relatively short time. Make sure you have the best available domain name that is closely related to the niche you choose.

3. Starting Capital

To make money using this method, you need some money, time, brain power to make website contents, and patience. It won’t be fast unless you have big money to promote your site through ads (but its nonsense though because you want to make money, not burning money). It won’t be easy too, because more people are competing these days.

What You Need To Get Started?

Domain and hosting (cost range about $30 – $50 per year)

Optional: Aliplugin (regular license costs $47 for 5 domains)

How To Get Money Through AliExpress Affiliate

1. Set up a wordpress site

After you point your domain to hosting, you can install wordpress and set up some wordpress configurations to get the best performance (permalinks).

2. Install necessary plugins

A good affiliate site needs to be fast in loading time, so you need caching plugin such as WP Super Cache or if your hosting support LS Cache, you should use LiteSpeed Cache in your wordpress.

To make onpage SEO process easier, install YOAST SEO.

Optional plugin: Aliplugin. If you have budget, you can buy and install this useful plugin to help you import thousands of products from AliExpress. If you don’t have budget to buy Aliplugin, it’s allright, you can also extract the products from AliExpress to your site manually, it would just takes more time.

3. Input contents to your site

Any information regarding your niche will be a good content to your site. For example, if you choose “smartphone” niche, then you might want to put smartphone prices, specifications and reviews into the site.

Try to think about your website visitors and guess what they want to see on your site. Fill your website with useful information that give value to people, search engines will appreciate your site eventually.

4. Promote your website in social media platform

Create facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. Put photos and interesting videos there and link it to your site.


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