Music Business Marketing Tips on How to Get More Mailing List Subscribers

If you are a band or a solo artist then you are a music business. Marketing and building your bands mailing list is one of the most important assets a band or any business can have. You should have ways of capturing the people you come in contact with. These are people who attend your shows, people who purchase your CD’s, your website visitors and anyone who seems interested in your music. By capturing these people you can stay in contact with them by sending upcoming show dates, new CD releases with a link to buy, contests your part of that need your subscribers votes, or any other type of news you may have.

Here are a few tips to help you get more people to subscribe to your list.

Live show CD Raffles

At your shows try raffling off one of your CD’s. In order for your audience to enter the raffle have them fill out a slip that asks for their name and email address. Then when it’s time to announce the winner of the raffle make sure you have your audience attention, then drawl the person’s name and have them come up on stage to accept their prize. This serves two purposes. The first is it helps collect more email addresses, the second is it advertises your CD so that people who didn’t win the raffle go to your merchandise table and buy it.

Free song giveaway

You can give a free song to anyone who subscribes to your list.

This works for your website and at your live shows. At your shows announce that you are giving away a free song for those who subscribe to your list.

Also tell your audience some other benefits of being on your list such as special discounts pricing on merchandise, upcoming shows, or any other special announcements about your music. You might tell them that they can unsubscribe at any time and how often you send your newsletter out.

By telling them all the details it puts those people who may be reluctant to give out their email at ease. Make them feel like being on your mailing list has special privileges.

Don’t leave it up to your audience to go to your merchandise table to sign up themselves. While it’s fresh in their minds, have a couple of your fans or merchandise table workers go around with a clip board asking them if they would like to sign up.

On your website put up a subscription form and at the top of it have a little blurb about the benefits of signing up to your mailing list. Put in bold letter something like “Sign up for our mailing list and receive a free song download” or something to that extent. You can also list other benefits too.

Subscription form on social networks

Put your subscription form or link to it on all your social networking sites such as Myspace, Facebook Twitter, etc. On your statuses you can make announcements about your newsletter and how they can sign up.


Make sure on all your websites that your subscription form stands out and people can see it. Place it at the top of the page. It’s also a good idea to make a subscription menu item on your website so if people don’t subscribe on the first page they might click on your menu items and find it again.

“Where did you hear about me” cards

Tracking were people are finding you is important so you can focus on those places. Make a small questionnaire form that your audience can fill out. Have it ask “Where did you hear about me?”, then ask for a name, email address and zip code. The zip code is especially important if you’re a touring artist so you can section off people on your mailing list and when you do a show in their town you can notify them.

Hope these tips help you to start growing your mailing list and getting better results in your music business, marketing and promotional efforts.

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