How To Increase Your Profits And Grow Your Business – Step One – Implement A Marketing Plan

Focus on results – Implement your Plan
Our ever changing economy demands new and improved ways of reaching consumers and getting them to buy whatever you are selling: whether it be products, services or anything else, it is not realistic to simply announce to the world that what you are selling is superior and Then expect customers to beat a path to your door. Neither professional service providers nor companies selling products can just hang a sign on the building and expect customers or clients to come running immediately. What is needed is a specific approach to growing your business, one that will work regardless of the existing economic conditions.

With a specific focus on your results oriented marketing plan you can double your business even during a recession; You can increase your profit margins by 10, 15, 20% or more and you can do it year after year. To develop a plan, you must first accurately answer two questions: What are you really selling? What are your goals in selling your product or service?

Business success is based on having a marketing plan that you understand and can use on a daily basis. This is much more than just advertising and public relations, it is a well thought out operating strategy designed to help you achieve your strategic business goals. The plan must have at least four key elements: it must have a clear objective; It must identify what you need to do to get there; It must outline how you plan to get there; And finally it must identify a target market.

Those four elements are the basis for your marketing plan. However, the most important part of any marketing plan is not the plan itself; It is the implementation of the plan that will determine how successful it really is. Even if you create the greatest marketing plan in history, if you never implement it, it can never succeed. If the plan is too complicated, too expensive or simply not practical, you will rarely never reach your ultimate goal. Successful marketing is based on successful implementation.

If you do just this one thing, develop a results-oriented marketing plan, you'll be way ahead of your competitors in your industry. Most small business owners fail to have any sort of pre mediated results oriented marketing plan and market solely as a result of a feeling that marketing is something they should be doing. As a result they are subject to spur of the moment marketing decisions and sales pitches to influence their decisions. More often than not, these decisions result in an unsatisfactory return on investment.

If you're worried that implementing the marketing plan will be too expensive, then you need to do some research; Marketing your business can be as little or as expensive as you want it to be. It's not a matter of whether you can afford to market your business. It's a matter of whether you can afford not to market it.

There are literally hundreds of low cost, or no cost marketing tactics that you can use to implement your marketing plan and make it effective. Step one to business growth and success is the implementation of your marketing plan.

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