Do You Consider Yourself Lucky?

What is luck? Good luck is a strange phenomenon ; Some people seem to be luckier than others, winning more prizes and experiencing more lucky situations, but are they really luckier?

People that are lucky on the lottery generally take part regularly buying tickets every week. They therefore put themselves in the position of a possible win. The same applies to all games of chance. You have to be in them to win them!

So what makes people play regularly ? Is it the belief that they really will win or wishful thinking? Is it desperation about the situation that they are in, perhaps needing money to change their lives? Or is it the thrill of the chase, just a minor adrenalin rush, or even a habit to pick up tickets when they are shopping.

To some extent you can make your own luck ; Believe in yourself and your ability to achieve most things you desire by making a plan and working towards achieving the desired outcome, instead of relying on chance.

For example instead of trying to win money and in the process spending more, save the money and find ways to earn more , or other ways to achieve your dreams anyway. Perhaps you have things you can sell to raise funds. Stop any lack mentality you are allowing to enter your thoughts and enjoy what you have, feel lucky, there are usually some things you can feel grateful for.

Make yourself a five or three-year plan , to achieve your new life or whatever your dreams are and work out how you would like things to change, then set out to find solutions. Put the energy into finding results, instead of wasting it thinking lack. Your new thought patterns will lift your spirits.

Maybe you could find evening work or make plans towards setting up a hobby business, the internet offers many possibilities.

I must say I feel incredibly lucky I have turned my life round many times. My earliest lucky break was when I was born 3 months early in the war years, and being discarded on the floor as still-born, to be picked up by a nurse who blew in my face and I started breathing. How lucky is that, and I have been in good health ever since! Now that is lucky!

We are currently following a dream spending winters in the warmth of Spain, I have a hobby business that keeps me occupied and gives me an interest. That's two dreams fulfilled and having arrived here a month ago we recently went to a bar and took part in a raffle winning 40 Euros. Yes we did have to buy two tickets to achieve it, so maybe life really is a game of chance!

Do you like reading mind power books? Here are some to get you thinking:

Think and Grow Rich "by Napoleon Hill.

"100% Mind Power" by Jack Ensign Addington

"Ask for the Moon and Get It!" By Percy Ross

"Awaken the Giant Within" by Anthony Robbins.

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