800 Number Phone Reverse – How to Trace an 800 Number to a Business Name

When an 800 number calls you over and over and the caller ID does not show the business name, it is rarely a good thing. Use an 800 number phone reverse to trace an 800 number to a business name and figure out why this particular company is trying to reach you.

For a business, having their name show up with their 800 number is like a form of advertising. The dentists and doctors’ scheduling departments that call you want you to see it is them so you will answer or know they called. The service department of your insurance company or your home security provider would want you to know they were calling to speed up the process of scheduling the next service call.

Companies that hide their name are purposefully doing so to get you to answer what is likely to be an uncomfortable call. Not showing their name means they do not want you to know who it is that is calling you because they are pretty sure that if you knew who they were, you wouldn’t answer.

Worse yet, they use technology called an auto dialer that calls you rather than having an actual person on the other end of that call. An auto dialer waits for someone to answer the phone number being called and then passes the call to a real employee. If the settings aren’t right on the auto dialer, you might answer the number only to find no one else is on the other end. That is completely frustrating.

To do an 800 number phone reverse and trace an 800 number to a business name, do the following:

  • Call the 800 number. These calls generally go into a hold queue where a hold message may give you the name of the company. However, if it is a collection department or a business with sufficient staff on hand, the message may not include the company name or you might not actually get any message at all.
  • Type the full phone number into a search engine and see if the number comes up in any listing showing the business name. If the number is blocked or unpublished, you may not find anything. However, other people being called by this same number may have posted the information online to help others and you might come across the information that way.
  • Type just a piece of the number into an internet search engine. Often, companies have strings of 800 numbers that are sequential and used for different departments. Try entering all but the last digit of the number, then all but the last two digits, and see if a listing comes up with a number that is very close to the one you are trying to find more about. If you find a close number with a business name, determine whether or not that could be the company that is calling you.
  • If regular searches fail, use an online reverse phone directory that includes 800 number listings and enter the number into their system. For a small fee, they will provide you the name and address on file for that 800 number. The reason there is a fee is because unlisted 800 numbers aren’t made publicly available, especially if the company has gone to the trouble of ensuring the number does not display their name on a caller ID. The reverse directory will have had to spend some money to get the information and they pass some of that cost along to the user.

If you think you may not want to speak to the person at the other end of the 800 number but want to know their identity as quickly as possible, conduct an 800 number phone reverse and find out who is calling you. From there, you can decide whether or not you want to speak to that business or make a formal request that they stop calling you.

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