Blogging For Profit – An Innovative Model For Creating Consistent Paychecks

Do you want to make a living through blogging? Many would-be online marketers try to create a blog and monetize it, but see very little returns. If you want to succeed with blogging, here's a plan to get you on the fast track (there's a little twist to it that makes it more effective than other blogging systems):

# 1: Find a topic to write on (plus an easy way to get content)

Your blog should preferably be about a niche topic. Niche marketing links more targeted visitors, creating the potential for generating more sales. Find either a topic you love writing about or find a topic that you know will be profitable. One surefire way to find a profitable topic is to take a look at the bestsellers on Amazon. See which topics are selling the best. Then find articles from article directories and publish them on your blog for easy content generation!

# 2: Monetize your blog

Most people monetize their blog with AdSense ads and pay per sale affiliate programs. While those can generate an income, the return is often too little for the average blogger. You'll need a massive (and I mean massive) amount of traffic to earn a sizeable income with AdSense ads, since most clicks only earn you a few cents. With pay per sale affiliate programs, you have to generate a sale before you earn any money. A better way is to promote pay per lead affiliate programs. They allow you to make money even if the prospect does not buy a thing. All they do is fill up a form for a trial membership and you will earn a commission.

# 3: Send avalanches of traffic to your site

Now it's time to promote your blog and reap the rewards of your hard work! Getting your blog on the top of the search engine rankings is the top method to getting no-cost traffic when you are on a budget. Optimize your blog for top rankings.

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