Alternative Investments – Reduce Your Portfolio Risk & Get Big Profit Potential

Alternative investments can not only reduce the risk of your portfolio that can also enhance its overall reward.

With stock markets looking vulnerable as high oil prices and stuttering global growth, investors are turning to alternative investments.

Here we will look at high reward one that can produce triple digit gains and can reduce the overall risk of your portfolio, so lets get started.


The term alternative investments typically refer to hedge funds, private equity investing, high return mutual funds and a selection of non-traditional investments such as land, wine, timber, art, precious metals gems and a variety of collectables.

Portfolio diversification

The concept of spreading risk among a variety of assets but was reduced to a mathematical formula in 1952 by Harry Markowtiz.

Markowitz considered how ALL the different investments in a portfolio can be expected to move relative to each other and how this affects the overall risk / return of the portfolio.

The definition of this is "correlation" and measures how much an investor can expect different investments or asset classes to change in price relative to each other.

For example, US equity markets and real estate will move in tandem, whereas interest rate investments will move in the opposite direction to each other.

Rates Of Return

If you choose the right alternative investment, then it will not only help reduce the risk of your portfolio, but will help you get better growth.

An investor should there before combine a number of nonrelated investments to balance the risk and reward of the portfolio.

Getting lower risk and triple digit gains!

One that has high growth and low downside and has upside regardless of whether stock markets fall.

We feel land is a great investment and should be considered by any investor.

It's a simple investment and most of the world's wealthiest investors have made money.

Land in the right location has provided stunning returns for many investors and for the purposes of illustration we will look at Costa Rica land.

Its historical performance, not only has shown massive growth, but downside has been low.
triple digit gains have been achieved in just a few years has with investments in prime locations.

Costa Rican land has also produced solid long term gains regardless of whether stocks, equities and mutual assets have been rising or falling.

Costa Rica land is being bought to build properties to house the growing numbers of Americans that will flock to this country.

In fact many of the problems afflicting the US and other industrialized nations is the reason that more and more people are flocking to Costa Rica

They get a better standard of living at lower cost in a peaceful country that is a paradise on earth with stunning beaches, volcanoes, rainforests and much more.

There are 70 billion baby boomers about to retire in the next 10 years and they are looking at Central America and Costa Rica in particular to live in and maintain and enhance their lifestyle.

Expect the bull run here that started 7 years ago to gain momentum and whatever the stockmakret does in the US Wont affect demand.

Alternative Investments You Do not need to be Rich

You do not need to be rich to consider land as one of your alternative investments and every investor can take advantage of this opportunit.

A Simple Easy and Safe investment

Land is an easy safe alternative investment you get the same rights as tenants, buying is easy and you pay minimum tax!

There are many specialist companies who will help you select land that has a high potential to rise in value.

They will do the research and give you all the facts you need and you can then decide in your own time and believe us this time will be time well spent.

Discover alternative investments such as Costa Rican land and see how you can increase your wealth.

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