Creative Ideas for Mother's Day

Every year we face the challenge of finding ways to celebrate Mother's Day in a way that would give her the happiness she deserves.

In this article I have decided to include some original ideas which you may use to celebrate Mother's Day in a special way. Hopefully, it will help make your mothers at least a little bit happier …

By the way – you do not have to tell them you got the ideas from the Internet or In this case – you may take the credit to yourself …

Here are the creative ideas for a unique Mother's Day celebration:

  1. An Article in her Honor : Write and dedicate a special article to your mother. The article content may be related to something that your mother is or was involved in – her profession, a hobby of hers, something she is especially good at. The article may be written in a serious academic style, or in a lighter, more daily, approach. In any case – it should include a mention of your mother – perhaps even quoting her as an expert on the issue, or demonstrating the important principals in your article through examples of your mother's actions and activities. As for place you may publish the article – the options are plentiful. You may send the article to a local newspaper, publish it on the Internet (on website that enable people to post articles – is one of my personal favorites; in a Blog; in a special website you build for your mother) or even print a special edition of the printed article or articles and distribute it among family and friends.
  2. MOTHER Six-Fold Celebration : Instead of celebrating Mother's Day through a single idea, this idea involves six different ways to celebrate during the same day. The six ideas should begin with the six letters that make up the word "Mother". You could choose the six parts of the celebration by yourself according to things that you think your mother would like, or you could let your mother choose from several options or ideas that you would prepare in advance. Example ideas that may fit the letters are:
  • M could stand for M ovies, M ake-up workshop, M oroccan Belly Dancing, M ystery novel reading.
  • O could be O utdoor Jacuzzi, O pera, O rganic breakfast, or O pen Source programming …
  • T may give you the chance to experience T ap dancing, T urbo car racing, or simply T ea with biscuits.
  • H is a good time for a H harmonica lesson, H appy H our at the pub, H olmes Place, or an H onest and open talk.
  • E could be E lectric guitar playing or concert, E mpanadas at the corner deli, and a show on E ! -TV.
  • R makes me think of a R elaxing massage, a R omantic dinner for mother and father, or a R apper show !!! Another option is to build this list of small celebrations so that they plan the letters of your mother's name.
  • The Seven Wonders of Motherhood :
    In this idea you have to think of the major 7 incredible things that your mother has done for you or for other members of the family or close friends.
    You then need to turn these seven magnificent achievements into a kind of museum exhibition that demonstrates and glorifies her actions.

    For instance, if one of the wonderful things that your mother has been responsible for is the tasty meals that she always makes, you may take close-up photos of her special dishes, print them on big posters, and exhibit the dish "collection" in one room. Another room may be dedicated to her good taste in interior design and may include quotations of people she has given interior design advice, or examples of interior design ingenuity.

  • These are the creative ideas for this article. Happy Mother's Day all you great moms out there!

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