Pre-Launch Hype, Coaches, and Mentors in the "Me Too" World of MLM

Never in my life have I seen more hype surrounding more "me too" MLM companies, Coaches, and Mentors in the history of network marketing as I see in today's market. Many MLM companies, (so called) Coaches and Mentors think they have decent positioning in the minds of their prospects, but in reality, it's often an over-hyped pre-launch teaching sells "me too" marketing that entices people. When everyone's saying the same thing, they're absolutely saying nothing. That makes it pretty tough for you (or anyone) to stand out in the crowd.

Think about how often you hear things like, "We have the products, compensation plan, leadership, training and support – everything you need to build a business with unlimited income potential." What happens with that kind of message? You run the risk of working yourself to death for little money. You also run the risk of being confused with the other guy or gal who's wooing your prospect, too. That would be bad because there's only one out … cleaned autoshipments and quitting!

The big idea here is to find a way to rise above your competitors and differentiate yourself. Sit down and give some serious thought to what makes your MLM company and you different … I mean really different. The truth be told, anyone with a computer and some software can call themselves a network marketer. The competition is stiff and it's not going away.

What differentiating wealth building value do you bring to the table? It's one thing to say it, but it's totally another when you can actually deliver. Today's experienced MLM prospects are reassured when they know the product has "sizzle", and when they know the pay plan really pays big. When you bring real wealth building value to the relationship, it goes a long way to justifying your company, your knowledge, and your skill sets over another.

When you can distill down what you really sell … the benefits … you're well on your way to crafting a value proposition and positioning yourself in a way that really sets you apart from everyone else out there in the "Me Too "World of MLM.

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