Top 4 Criteria for Building a Successful Email List for Your Online Home Business

The old Internet marketing adage which states: "The money is in the list" seems to be truer today than it ever has been in the past. If you've been online for any length of time with your home based business you've probably noticed that there's one thing all of the so called Gurus have in common; and that is they all have a very large and responsive email list.

In this case size does matter because the size of your list usually equates to the size of your bank account at the end of the month. Email marketing is one of the most lucrative endeavors you can become involved with on the Web and in order to become a success with this strategy there are 4 characteristics your email list must possess in order to deliver the monetary rewards you need and want for your Internet venture:

1. Your list of prospects must be targeted in order to be able to provide the return on time invested that you're seeking. By targeted I mean they must be interested in your product offer and your business in general.

Having large numbers of visitors on a daily basis does you no good if they are not looking for what you have to offer. People who are looking for acne medication will not help increase your Internet marketing home business profits.

2. Your directory of potential clients must be responsive or, in other words, they must be anxious to buy what you have. This goes hand-in-hand with being targeted however there is a difference between being interested in what you have and being angry to spend their money.

The latter group usually has a problem they've been having a difficult time solving until you came along and of course their response is to take out their credit cards and becoming paying customers.

3. Your list must also be hungry or in need of a quick fix for their situation. This need must be identified, by you, during the research phase when you have to determine what your target's problem is and what the solution is to their predicament.

Now all you have to do is decide what you want in return for this solution. Do you want their contact information to grow your list or do you want them to become paying customers right now?

4. Your prospects must be in need of multiple products to meet their needs. This will ensure future sales and will almost guarantee the longevity of your list and your online home business because of their continued desire for more information.

Building a targeted, responsive, hungry list of prospects and customers who possess several needs and wants is almost a necessity to ensure long term success for you and your Internet enterprise on the web.

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