Speaking Is the Most Cost-Effective Way to Attract New Clients

In your community, there are many organizations that are looking for speakers. By offering an easy, low-stress presentation, you have the opportunity to market to a roomful of prospects – all who have the problem that you are addressing in your presentation. How is that for an effective use of your time?

But maybe you've tried speaking with no results before.

If you do not know how to get a speaking engagement, it can seem overwhelming. What will you talk about? How much to prepare? These questions will stop many therapists in their tracks. I have found that most private practitioners work too hard and prepare too much for a community presentation. Plus they leave the event wondering if they will ever get an inquiry call from anyone in the audience. There is an easier way. You do not need to work so hard.

Move from Frustrated, Confused, or Nervous to a Confident, Organized, and Easy Presenter.

  • Speaking can be fun (and profitable!). Are you rolling your eyes at that? Well, it can be easy and fun when:
  • you have a formula that you can employ for almost any event
  • you prepare less content and have more interaction with your audience
  • you frame speaking as 'connecting with people who need you' and
  • you have a way to manage the inevitable nerves in a way that endears you to the audience
  • you have an easy-to-follow system for converting a percentage of those audience members into paying clients.

Speaking helps people get a sense of what it would be like to be in your office – spending time with you. We know that "attunement" is the best predictor of positive therapy outcomes. Imagine if you could give a roomful of people that sense of attunement during a community presentation? Imagine what that could do to build your practice.

Speaking uses the interpersonal skills you use every day. When you structure your conversations in a way that allows for a lot of interaction, people get invigorated. This can be easy when you do not try to be a 'presenter' but just be yourself – as you are in session.

Speaking allows you to connect face-to-face. Our culture is longing for connection. Community presentations give people a chance to get out of their homes, meet with one another and with you.

Speaking builds your credibility in your community. One of my objectives when presenting is to be perceived as the "approachable expert." You can do this with a "signature talk" and your natural curiosity and compassion to connect with the audience.

Speaking can be a very efficient use of your marketing time. Addressing a roomful of people who have the problem you help is a great way to maximize your marketing time.

Speaking connects you with potential referral sources. Give a presentation and build not only your prospect list but audience members (and the organizers) will remember you and consider you for referrals.

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