Online Business – Creating Pop Ups

So pop ups are dead easy to make. Anyone can do it. But there's no point in having a working pop up if the pop up itself does not have persuasive enough text to close the deal. There are a number of sales tactics that you can use on your pop up to make sure the user actually fills in the form and sends you his details:

1. Give them a reason to play
If you really want to make sure your users hand over their email addresses, offer them something in return. Free reports are good, e-books are fine too. In fact, anything that's free and relevant is likely to get results. You do not have to go overboard here; if you can find a goody that will not cost you anything, fantastic. If you're going to pay, make sure it pays overall.

2. Make the Title tell
The title tag of your pop up is not going to push it up the search engine listings, but it's still important. If you leave it out, or worse, write something daft, like "mypopup", no one's going to take you seriously. Be professional and you'll achieve professional results. Use a real title.

3. Use a hard-fitting headline
I talk about headlines in more detail later in this chapter. I can not stress how important these are. You've got about two seconds to grab a reader's attention and make them read. That's the job of your headline. It's got to focus on the benefits the user can expect by signing up:

"Increase Your Sales By 127%!"
"Learn How To Speak Swahili In Three Weeks Or Less!"
"FREE Marketing Newsletter! Sign up here!"
Use a duff headline and you'll get a duff bottom line.

4. Keep it slim
If your users have to wait more than a few seconds for the pop up to download, the chances are they'll close the window before it's finished. Use minimal graphics and make sure everything's optimized before you put it on the server.

5. Make it sexy!
Slim does not mean the same as dull. You can still use cool colors and attractive fonts, but make sure the pop up looks professional. The copy has to be easy to read, and the whole page has to be good on the eye. Balance and simplicity are key when it comes to pop up design.

6. Offer a close button
You might think it's a good idea to keep the pop up open until the user signs up. But if they're not going to register to get the benefits you're offering, are they likely to opt in just to get rid of the pop up box? And if they do, are they likely to buy from you? Keep your users happy; let them close the box easily if they want it out of the way. Maybe they'll go ahead and buy something instead.

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