How to Make Money With Your Digital Camera – 51 Moneymaking Ideas

Ah, the digital camera.

Who does not have a digital camera these days? To be honest, I did not have one until Christmas 2006. I had resisted buying one because I was happy with my 35mm camera.

I have been taking pictures for a long time. As a kid I had a camera that used 110 film and Polaroid cameras were a must have.

By the time I got to high school, I reluctantly wanted a 35mm film SLR (single lens reflexive) camera and take photography. Financial issues kept me from that. So, I just continued to take pictures with best point and shoot cameras I could find.

The reasons I finally got a digital camera were two-fold. First, I really did not like to pay for film development. With the amount of pictures I took, I could easily go broke. For example, at my mother's birthday party, the year before, I had my trusty film camera. I do not remember how many rolls of film I took, but processing for all prints cost about $ 100. Whoa!

The second reason I ended up getting a digital camera is because I found one with a good price at Wal-Mart when the still had layaway. So, that's what I did. I bought myself a "serious amateur" level Kodak digital camera. It felt good.

The best feeling was being able to delete the pictures I did not want. And believe me, the money savings there was enough to convince me.

So what about you?

Are you shooting with a point and shoot? A serious amateur level camera where you can adjust the settings? Or have you upgraded to a digital SLR (DSLR)?

Whichever camera you have, there is potential for you to make money with it. There are so many types of photos that people need and are willing to pay for, that you could keep yourself busy taking photos for extra pocket money or as a career.

A word of caution: This article is not about how to take photographs. There are many technical and non-technical books and articles for that.

This article is for those of you who want to make money with your digital camera. Plain and simple.

There are enough ideas here for you to work on once per week and you'll be busy for the entire year.

Some of them may not be of interest to you, and that's okay. We're all in this business to do what we love and get paid for it. At the same time, do not be afraid to try a new category of photography.

1. Real estate photos for real estate agents
2. Real estate photos for FSBOs (For Sale By Owner)
3. Product photos for online auctions
4. Children's portraits
5. Infant portraits
6. High School Seniors (portraits)
7. Proms (Junior and Senior)
8. Other high school dances / events
9. High School / College / Vocational School Graduation Ceremonies
10. High School / College / Vocational School Graduation Portraits
11. A day in the life of a child (30 photos in an album)
12. TV / film set photographer
13. Red carpet photographer
14. Pet photographer
15. Medical photography
16. Legal photography
17. Insurance photography
18. Stock photography
19. Wedding (ceremony and reception)
20. Wedding portraits
21. Engagement ports
22. Engagement party / shower photos
23. Interior Designer before and after
24. Architectural photos
25. Nature / landscapes
26. Fashion
27. Model
28. Executive headshots
29. Actors
30. Food / recipe books
31. Team photos
32. Sports action photos
33. Athlete ports
34. Personal athlete photographer
35. Photojournalism
36. Crime photographer
37. Teach adult photography classes
38. Teach photography classes for kids
39. Conduct photo tours
40. Photos for books
41. Coffee table photo book
42. Turn photos into DVD slideshows with music
43. Write a book about photography
44. Write articles about photography
45. Do camera reviews for consumers and / or photographers
46. ​​Wildlife photography
47. Paranormal photographer
48. Photos for websites
49. Fitness photos / photos of exercises
50. Sell photo products
51. Affiliates

BONUS: 52. Membership / Portrait clubs

So what are you waiting for? Grab your camera and get some money in your pocket!

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