Ideas for Repeatable Gifts – How to Give the Same Thing Again and Again

Some would say that you cannot give the same gift twice to the same person. However, there are repeatable gift ideas that you can safely use more than once and have the recipient be delighted each time.

It is easy to give collectors the same sort of gift each year. You will need to find out what is required for their collection and get what they need. You could even consider starting a collection for someone. This is safer with adults than with children as parents may not appreciate you beginning an expensive collection that they may have to continue. There are cheap collections based on a theme such as a favorite animal. A surprising number of people collect pottery pigs for example. You could give sports memorabilia to sports fans. For collectors of attractive household items try teaspoons, thimbles or something similar that is small but decorative. A more personal and stylish gift would be a charm bracelet. You can add a new charm each birthday. This is particularly suitable for teenagers.

You could consider giving a yearly subscription to magazine such as National Geographic or Readers Digest. If you do this then you will need to ensure that they do not already have a subscription and that they will be interested. Have them tell you if they lose interest as I am sure you would prefer to give them something that they want.

You can give annuals or yearly publications. There are gifts such as yearbooks and sports books with summaries or highlights of the year. The most obvious yearly publication is a diary or calendar. You can get these based on many themes and you will want to choose a suitable subject. Perhaps one from a particular organization such as a charity or connected with a sports team or television show. For people living in another country then a calendar showing local sights is ideal.

It is a good idea to consider gifts that they can use up. This gives you the excuse to buy more (especially if they say they liked it). Examples are soaps, perfumes and bath oils for women. For men there are aftershaves, colognes and the like. You could consider giving skin care products to either men or women, but you need to be careful or they may think you are trying to say they are looking old!

Gifts of food and drink are certainly repeatable, especially if there are many varieties of what you are giving. Examples are preserves, liqueurs, types of spirit, sweets and candies. You can give food in the form of a gift basket. This is especially suitable if the basket contains foods that the recipient does not normally eat or has not tried.

If you want to give the recipient the choice of gift then consider gift vouchers or certificates. You will need to check that they can be used in appropriate shops that will be of interest. Sometimes you can get vouchers for a particular mall or shopping center and this may be easier to manage. You could also give gift certificates for an Internet vendor such as Amazon or iTunes. In this age of cheap flights you could give a voucher to be used against a flight or holiday.

You will need to decide for yourself whether any of the repeatable gift ideas noted above are suitable. In some cases you will need to warn the person that this will be an annual or regular gift. If you can arrange to give repeatable gifts then this makes your shopping task much easier, especially during the holidays. You can then spend more time thinking of gifts for the people who are really tricky to choose for.

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