Do not Talk About It, Be About It – The Millionaires Action Blueprint – 5 Baby Steps

The millionaires that I know have a very simple way of telling people how to do what they have done. No matter what words they choose when giving repeated instructions, the recording theme looks to be; do something even if it is wrong.

Action and timing play a critical role in becoming rich. So, if you are a person who is very slow to act, there is some bad news and some very good news. First, the bad news is that you are not likely to become wealthy anytime soon. Now for the good news, you can change. All you need to do is decide to become a person of action and get moving. You can still deliberate, and review; you just need to learn to do it about 100 times faster.

OK so what do the millionaires say this new action oriented you needs to be like, in order to find your pot of gold? What steps can you take right now?

Here are some baby steps for becoming a millionaire and cracking the code.

5 Baby Steps To Develop Millionaire Action Habits

1. Quickly assess the present – what opportunity is before you now?

2. Analyze the possibilities, but give yourself deadlines – How bad can things get? How well can things possibly go?

3. Respect the life span of an opportunity – How long will this opportunity be available to me?

4. Never consider what your critics will say about you. Most critics are broke and on the sidelines

5. Find and seize at least one opportunity to make money every week. If this really scares you, start with once per month, but by all means start.

Brains are important, luck never hurts, but action really pays.

Take a moment and list all of the things that you wish you could have done in your life. For most people the things that escape us can usually be traced back to an action we did not take.

Here is a small exercise to sharpen your action skills.

Think about important things ahead of time. For example decide at breakfast what you want to eat for dinner. Now, when someone approaches you and requests what do you want for dinner you will not have to say: "I do not know, what sounds good to you?" We have all wasted hours of our lives playing this round robin.

Now for the tougher part of the exercise; think of some business ideas that sound good to you. Develop a clear idea of ​​what you want from these business ideas. Now the next time you see an opportunity to bring this dream to life; just do it.

In my business it amazes me the number of people who decide that they want to become a partner and finally take their first step 2 to 6 months later. They miss out on so much by doing this. Lost sales, changed environments, and outdated methods are often waiting for them when they finally act.

If you feel the heat from the ideas covered to day, there is a way to get some relief. Act!
Do something; decide today that you are now a person of action. The act of deciding alone will bring you joy like you have not known. Soon you will be realizing more of what you want be cause life is a thing, but living is an action.

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