Internet Marketing Tips For Your Business – Use YouTube To Reach Social Media Prospects

When it comes to Internet marketing tips for your business to get the most customers for your business, one of the best ways to get your message out on the Internet today is to use the second largest search engine on the planet. This search engine is YouTube. Google bought YouTube a few years ago. So combined, Google and YouTube still dominate the search engine arena on the Internet.

YouTube is now considered to be a major social media component to Internet advertising since it has features now available to interact with other Internet users similar to other social media components such as Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn.

So how do you use YouTube in the most optimal way to get more customers for your business?

Well you have to do the following:

1. Establish Internet Presence For Your Business

First, you would decide how you want to establish or brand your business online.

Do you want to establish it by:

  • your business name – Sure Flow Plumbing
  • your name – John Smith, Plumber
  • the products or services your business provides in your local area – San Diego Plumbing

As a local business owner, if more people in your area know you by your business name, then you would use your business name for this online presence. On the other hand, if most people in your town know you by your name, you could use your name for this purpose.

Many times business owners have advertised on TV or radio and have established a brand already of some sort. This previous advertising could have been used as a branding springboard to further promote what has been established from previous advertising methods.

2. Set Up Customized Graphic Background For Branding

Set up and customize your YouTube graphic background on your YouTube channel. There are many places you can find on the Internet to get a graphic artist to make this branded graphic background for your name or your business name that you decided on in step 1.

Keep this graphic background consistent with all of your Internet media channels such as Facebook, and Twitter, YouTube, and even your websites. In this way people will recognize you not only by your name, your business, but also your branded graphics on your sites.

3. Optimize Channel – General Description With Keywords, Website Link (s), Targeted Channel Tags

Optimize your YouTube channel by writing a general description using the keywords that are appropriate to what you want to promote as a niche for your business. Also provide a link so that people can be directed to your website pages. In this way, they will be able to find your products and services and buy them from you more easily.

Also have targeted channel tags – keywords selected – so the YouTube search engine can direct people to find your information you've displayed on YouTube – mainly your videos that you produced about your products or services.

4. Publish Videos – Professional Quality Information Videos, Answers To Questions Videos, Testimonial Videos

Now you have your YouTube channel set up correctly to attract potential prospects and customers to your channel by the use of your name or business name, background graphics, and specific keywords about your business. Next, it's time to produce and publish videos about your business.

The best videos are those which attract attention of potential customers. Typically people want to get answers to questions when they go to YouTube to watch videos. So if you can answer the questions that most people ask about your business, you will be seen as an authority or an expert in this area of ​​your business. If you can answer these questions in the form of a video, this is an even better way to communicate to them!

Sometimes people also like to watch testimonial videos to see what other people say about your products or services. So you might want to have some of your customers give a testimonial video on how well they liked doing business with you and what they liked about you and your business.

Another way to show people about your products or services would be to shoot a video of you demonstrating or performing a task on how your product or service works.

5. Add Friends And Subscribers To Your Channel

Now you are ready to add more friends and subscribers to your channel so that more people see your videos and the information about your business. One of the best ways to do that is to invite other YouTube users to become a friend of your channel and / or to subscribe to your channel. Once someone has subscribed to your channel, every time you produce a new video or post a bulletin about your business, they will be notified in an e-mail sent to them.

Once you build a list of friends and subscribers you can periodically send them information about your business. These may be coupons, special offers, new information, links to other pages that you want them to see, and much more!

For more ways Internet marketing can make your business or practice grow, see the resource box at the bottom of this article to get more information.

Finally, the internet marketing scene is constantly changing – so what worked in the past may not work well now. To get the most up to date information on the best way to advertise and market your business, see the resource box at the bottom of this article.

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