Popular Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Baby showers are a wonderful way for friends and family to gather together to celebrate the expectant mother. As a way of saying thank you for attending the event, guests generally receive some sort of favor to take home. There are a variety of baby shower favors to choose from but the most popular are those that are fun yet practical.

Candles are among the most popular favors given out at baby showers today. Available in a variety of shapes and colors, you can find candles to match just about any theme you may be planning for the party. Mini travel candles and votive candles are a couple of all time favorites that guests will enjoy receiving.

Bath related benefits such as scented bath soaps, bath salts and bath confetti are always good choices. You can purchase small scented soaps and place them in organza bags to pass out to guests. Shower gel favors are another fun option to consider. Many times the outside label of the shower gel can be personalized to include mom's name and shower date.

Candies and cookies are always a welcome treat to give to guests. Small candies such as mints, Jordan Almonds and pacifier-shaped candies placed in tins or favor boxes will be a hit at the baby shower. Cookie favors in baby themed shapes and decorated in colors that coordinate with the baby shower décor can usually be ordered at local bakeries or purchased online.

With so many options choosing the right baby shower benefits can be a little overwhelming. However, with a little thought you'll find favors that your guests will truly appreciate.

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