3 Easy Steps To Create A Free Website And Profit From It

Do you really want to know how to create a free website and profit from it at the same time? Even though it is less professional than having your own hosted domain name, you sure can create a free website if you are on a tight, limited budget and still make money at the same time.

Here are the 3 easy steps: –

Step 1 – Choose your web platform

You can create a blog with Blogger or WordPress to have that blog look.You can also sign-up with Squidoo or Hubpages for traditional looking websites. Try them out to see which one you prefer. There is money to be made if you follow these methods properly.

Create an account with one or all of them. Now, that's obvious. Taking action is key.

Step 2 – Publish your content

A word of precaution though. Do not submit just any content. Publish interesting information that will help readers identify with you and your website.

Read their terms and conditions on any published content that is not allowed eg affiliate links or links toappropriate websites. This is to avoid you being banned from any of them or simply getting your content deleted. Whenever possible, write reviews of affiliate programs that you want to promote and place your affiliate links within the content. People love reviews!

Step 3 – Promote your website

Now, it's time to get some much-needed traffic to your newly setup website.

Some of the popular methods are by promoting your website on forums via forum signatures, placing comments on relevant blogs with your website link, submitting ads on classifieds websites, writing articles with your new website linked in the resource box and submitting them to article directories.

Get your website out and based on your efforts, you are bound to have visitors to your website soon enough. Remember; do not expect visitors to flood your website in a few days. Like any other website, it takes a while for traffic to grow. Just keep up with your efforts.

As long as you provide and continue to provide good, valuable content, your website traffic will continue to increase and sometimes it will also be spread through word of mouth.

Important Step

Now you've learned how to create a free website, what you need now is to test and tweak your pages and see where you've gone wrong or how you can improve; be it the graphics on your website or even the location of your affiliate links.

Once you've made some money with the free website, invest some money on hosting your very own domain name and start a website of your own. I recommend it strongly!

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