How to Run a Business – The Worst Thing You Can Do For Your Business – Running Your Business Down

The worst thing you can do for your business is to do nothing.

Sounds like a simple statement, but it has reproductions beyond your imagination.

The bottom line is that there is always something to do. The question is what?

That is the dilema is it not, or is it?

In today's information age there is always something that you can be doing for your business, more importantly as we have discussed in prior articles, what you can be doing for your customers.

Lets not get the boat all turned around, the reason why you have a business is because of customers. So do you love them, or do you despise them?

If you despise them, then you need to do a rethink on your business. But if you love them, then think of ways you can serve them, especially in these days of NO CAPITAL, but plenty of SWEAT CAPITAL.

Thats right, we have no money in this day and age, however what we do have is time.

What are you doing with your time to serve your customers?

If you have time to spend, use it to serve them.

Case in point, I am writing this article to help you, on my Saturday morning after breakfast just before a soccer game.

Take the little opportunities and maximize them for other peoples use. There will be a reward. You may not see it today.

How ridiculous of us to think that a business grows overnight.

Here is an example of a hearty truth about business related to plants.

As a general rule, the plants that grow quickest are the weakest and can not weather hardships.

In my yard we have junk trees (poplars and quick growing mapples) that just do not last more than 20 years. The oak on the other hand can last 100 years and more.

My point being is that a hearty tree, one that can last time takes time to grow.

What farmer in their right mind would expect the corn to come out as soon as he plants it?

Sometimes that is our mentality when we look at business.

A business is a plant and requires attention at the beginning, nurturing, tenderness for NO RESULT.

Sometimes that plant will not grow. Do we throw it out, or do we start doing innovative things to change it?

Use the time given you to do little things that will have an impact down the road.

Writing small articles like this one, is just one example.

Things you can do to jump start your business with no time is to:

– Write Articles
– Make Sure your web page is relavent
– Give Value to your Customer: lots of value, so much that your competition thinks your nuts
– Do not Bother People by being in their face, be there when they need it: the internet is the prime medium

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