Your Business Needs New Ideas

Customers are getting ever more demanding, they constantly expect something new, different and exciting. Competition is fierce for just about every business and it is only by generating new ideas that you can keep ahead and attract more clients.

The problem with generating new ideas is often working out where they will come from. Those of you who believe you are not creative need to stay with me here. When you were a child of around 5 years old, 90% of you had lots of ideas, played imaginary games, and dreamt of doing things you did not know were impossible. By the time you were 10, that number had dropped to just 2%. No wonder so many of us believe we are not creative, we've become so conditioned to thinking logically that our creative "what if?" side has not a chance to show itself.

Get Those New Ideas Flowing

  • Consciously do different things – take a different route to the office, buy a different newspaper or magazine, read a completely different kind of book, try a meal you've never had before.
  • Keep on learning – people who think they know it all soon get left behind by new ideas and technology unless they are prepared to be open to continue learning. Spend time surfing the internet, subscribe to publications that will keep you up to date.
  • Ask your customers – what new products or services would they like to have?
  • Talk to someone connected to your business – they will have a completely different perspective.
  • Create the right environment – color of decoration, type of music, furnishings, inspiring pictures. Whatever you need to get in the mood for thinking.
  • Create some space – even 15 minutes a day spent 'day dreaming' can bring surprising results. Is it worth 15 minutes of your time every day to be more successful in your business? Put it in the diary!

How much more money would you make if you developed a new idea that just 50% of your customers bought?

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