Ideas to Plan Your Own Chicken Coop

Keeping chickens in an urban environment is a great hobby with utility as well. You can get a daily supply of eggs that are fresh and without any preservatives. There is great satisfaction in tending to the chickens and it helps to relax. If you are good at building things you can definitely make your own chicken coop as well. It is easy to make and you can be sure that you are creating something highly useful and suitable to your preferences.

The chicken coop should be built with durable wood or other material that is strong and easy to maintain for you. Next important point to think about is the size. Have an estimate of the number of chickens that you plan to keep and then build accordingly.

The chickens should have adequate space to move around in the coop. If you are expecting to gradually increase the number of chickens you keep, it is better to build a slightly larger ship, as the basic size can not be altered later.

Take a good review of the space available in your backyard. The spot where you build the shed should be such that there is adequate light, ventilation and security from predators. Once this is decided, you might have to create an even ground for the coop, so that the foundation is secure.

You will need to place the basic frame, either by constructing it there itself; otherwise you could even build it in your garage and bring the frame for fixing it on the spot later. Make sure that the main framework of the shed is secured. You would need to elevate the whole structure a few inches above ground level, in order to protect the chickens from burrowing predators like snakes or rats.

The next step would be to attach the floor boarding of the shed. Fasten the floor well with nails at equal distances. Avoid any sharp edges or nails sticking out as they can injure the chickens. You can cover the floor with wooden chips so create a soft material for the chicks to tread on. This can even be changed every few months when it gets decomposed. Attach the reminder walls and the doors of the shed.

You can even have a ramp for the chickens to reach different levels within the coop. Try to keep the nesting area in a quiet corner a height with a ramp for accessing it. Keep one small opening to the coop for the chickens to use and one full size opening for you to access the coop for cleaning and other purposes.

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