Recession Business Idea – Teaching English Online

There is a huge worldwide demand for English conversation lessons. Millions upon millions of people around the globe are struggling on their own to learn English pronunciation and English as a second language. Only a very few have the time and the opportunity to attend local ESL classes or to meet face to face with a qualified private English language tutor.

Demand creates opportunity. Anybody who has access to a broadband internet connection, and who has reasonable English speaking ability can earn a good second income by teaching English pronunciation and other English language skills to ESL students in Asia, Africa, South America and Eastern Europe.

In many cases your students will already have a workable vocabulary and even a good custody of English grammar. They kindly need the conversational skills that can be gained only by speaking with another person who can provide the necessary feedback about putting it all together. In other words, you can teach English conversation to a person in Japan who speaks Japanese as a first language without knowing a single word of Japanese.

Free software that can be downloaded from anywhere in the world like Skype and Yahoo Messenger allow you to connect with almost anyone anywhere without the burden and expense to either of you telephone bills or even mail or delivery services. In most cases you will be doing this from home so there is no worry about renting office space or hiring receptionists and other staff. You can be productive and independent in your pajamas if you wanted to. Because everything is done online you are not even limited to a single location. You could give this week's lesson from Minnesota and next week's lesson from Mongolia with no interruption.

If you think you will enjoy teaching others learning English on line this is an opportunity that is worth exploring. You will get to meet people from all over the globe and probably make a few new friends in the process.

As with any business you will need to organize your ideas into a workable plan. You can stop by the ESL schools in your area to ask questions and see how they do it. You can do an Internet search to see how others are offering these services and find out what exactly what they provide. Your local library will have many books about learning English as a second language too.

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