3 Tips For Pay Per Click Advertising – Keeping Your Cost Down

There are 3 tips that that helped me with my pay per click campaigns that I want to share. If I can help someone by telling them what works for me, then this article will be doing its job.

Probably the first thing about ppc advertising is that most people do not put in the time to find a great product to advertise. So, what you need to do is find that product. That product can be anything, but I just want to deal with Clickbank right now to keep things simpler. Find something n there that you like and check it out. Clickbank gives great information about its digital products that help you determine if it is a good candidate for you to promote.

Make sure you check the gravity of the product. If you have an item with a gravity of lets say over 295, then you are going to have a tougher time marketing this item because there are plenty of affiliates getting commissions off of this already. Unless you are experience with pay per click advertising, I suggest finding something with a gravity of less than 100. But don’t go below 40 and you should have a good, marketable product.

Your advertising campaign is not going to be free, so make sure that you are not marketing something with a high refund rate. If you don’t check this out, then you might just as well be throwing your money away. It doesn’t make any since at all for you or I to spend money to promote someone else’s book when there is a 65% refund rate, does it?

Now that we have a good product that doesn’t generate a lot of refunds, we can get ready for our successful campaign. Before creating a campaign, do a keyword search and even use the Google keyword tool to to make a good list of keywords. The list doesn’t have to be too big. I always try to have at least 100 – 200 keywords. If you have over 1000 keywords you could risk too many ad impressions which in turn would lower your score and increase the amount you pay for each click. Relevancy is key here. Make sure that your keywords are relevant to your ad and your landing page. This will help you get a lower cost per click for each word.

If you use these 3 tips for your pay per click advertising campaign, you should be able to better control how much you spend which in turn will increase your profits. So decide how much is too much. There is so much to learn with ppc. Good forums will help you learn as you go.

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