How to Create a Profitable High Ticket Product Funnel

If you are an expert on certain things that online users will die to know about, I'd say ditch the idea of ​​selling low-end (short ebooks) and middle-end (CD series) products. Instead, think big and get a little closer to your financial freedom by creating and selling your very own high ticket information products. Depending on your preferences and the needs of your potential clients, you can offer advanced teleseminar programs, boot camps, Webinars, one-one-one coaching, and advanced coaching programs. These products will allow you to literally pass on your knowledge to your client in exchange of huge amount of money (you can charge up to $ 12,000 per unit depending on your topic and duration of your coaching or presentations).

Here are the 3 new amazing methods to break with high ticket information base product creation:

1. Plan ahead. Conceptualizing and creating high ticket products is not an easy task. It is easy to get lost in the process if you do not have a specific plan of action that can guide you all through. I suggest that you list down all the things that you need to do (research, writing your manuals, inviting your attendees, marketing your products, etc.) and get your calendar so you can easily schedule them. It would help if you can allot ample time for each task so your products will not sound rushed.

2. Set your objectives. What exactly do you like to achieve in this endeavor? Would you like to be able to sell a minimum of 5 high ticket products every month? Knowing your objectives can make the whole task a lot easier for you. Through this, you can easily make your efforts and your marketing strategies more targeted and focused so you'll be able to realize your goals in no time.

3. Create your manuals. You can not simply decide on creating high ticket information products and hope that you can swing it during your presentation. This will not work even if you are very knowledgeable on your chosen topic. It would help if you can create a manual or even an outline that can guide you all through. This must include all the information needed by your potential clients arranged in a logical manner. Through this, you'll surely make your presentations sound more organized, well thought-out, and well-guided.

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