Ideas For a Successful Mother of the Bride Speech

Blended families, divorced parents, there are any number of reasons that a mother of the bride would be required to make a speech at the wedding. It could be as simple as the father of the bride not being comfortable speaking before large audiences, but whatever the reasons, you will want to come up with a winning speech that will touch the heart of the wedding guests and express how you feel about your daughter and her new husband.

You can begin your speech with an anecdote that relates to the bride and groom and their relationship. You can tell how you felt when they invited you to make a speech and the reasons behind your acceptance.

You can talk about what your daughter was like when she was just a little girl and about some of your happiest memories of days and times you shared together. A mother and daughter relationship is one of the most special you can be involved in and the most difficult part of your speech may be getting through it without tears.

You can tell about how your daughter has changed since she met her new husband and how it pleases you to see how happy they are when they are together. You can also include the memory of how your daughter first mentioned the man who was to be her future husband to you. This can bring lots of laughs from your audience, especially if the young man in question was not an instant hit with the bride.

Another thing all wedding guests like to hear is how the bride and groom met. Many times there is a humorous memory of their momentous meeting. How did other members of the family feel about the new man in your daughter's life? Did younger brothers and sisters torment them during their courtship; did grandma or grandpa mention marriage upon first meeting the groom? Did dad just scratch himself and grunt?

Many times a mother's wedding speech will focus on the importance of marriage and the commitment two people make to each other when they exchange vows. You can add your own reflections about what makes a successful relationship as well as mention all the wonderful qualities that the couple has.

Making a speech that will be long remembered is usually one that comes straight from the heart. Making your heartfelt emotions known to the happy couple and the other guests can have everyone reaching for a hankie. If you bring tears of joy, laughter or nostalgia to the eyes of those attending, you can be sure you did a great job.

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