4 Great Ideas to Get Your Lost Love Back

You are thinking of your lost love all the time , you eat, sleep and drink that way you feel, it's a horrible feeling and nobody likes to feel that way. Its funny life when you have loved you takes it for granted, and when you lose it you realize what you had. 4great ideas in this article will go a long way to help you get your lost love back.

First of all do not act like the victim. You look very unattractive when you go round feeling sorry for your self. You will not get your lost love back if you act that way. I know it's hard not to act that way, but this idea is very important. This needs some careful thought, do not go to the other extreme and act as if you do not care, this could have the same effect as the first scenario you need to act calm and moving on in life. If you follow that idea you are on the first step to getting your lost love back.

Keep them curious they will be thinking why is he / her so calm, by doing this you will have them guessing. Is he / her seeing someone else they will be saying why is he / her so calm? You will plant the seeds of doubt in there mind. People are naturally curious in life, as the saying goes curiosity killed the cat. Another thing that accomplishes is whether or not you get back together or not it gives you credibility in life, your friends will respect you and your lost love will despite they will not tell you. They will respect the way you handled the situation.

The signs will come, they will make up an excuse to phone you or see you, and the excuse will usually be petty. They will start to be nice with you. This is a critical part in the process, you could get sucked in to early by jumping into bed with them and showing that you missed them so much although you did! They will know it was a big act, or you could get cocky because he / her was nice with you. You will look stupid then. Stay calm and let things take its course.

Now at this point you might find you are getting on better being apart. This is where you do not want rush into the fire. Take your time you split up for a reason you were not getting on. If you go back to quick you could be back in the same boat, so take things nice and easy.

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