A Wealthy Affiliate

It is an independent business person that "associates" themselves with business online that provide compensation for sales, leads or visits to the companies website.

An affiliate deals in internet marketing techniques that capture the attention of online consumers in order to convince them that whatever product or service the affiliate is promoting is exactly what the consumer is looking for and needs.

This can be achieved through various forms of advertising such as Pay Per Click (Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, MSN Live Search), Forum marketing, email marketing through the use of opt-in lists, website promotion through SEO and organic search engine listings , blogs and classified ads.

Now that we understand who is an affiliate then who is a wealthy affiliate?

It is someone who has received training in his / her trade and has mastered one or more of the techniques mentioned above to create great wealth online with marketing. Someone that is a skilled salesman that can communicate an effective sales pitch without ever holding a conversation with his potential customer. A master of words that can craft a sales pitch that drives customers to believe they have to have that product. It's exactly what they need and there is no sense even searching any further.

Someone that can promote virtually any product or service because he / she understands how to research their potential market and provide the answers to their potential customer base is searching for their problem. Someone that can tell you what problem you have and then provide the answer to that problem in the form of his clients product or service. You may not even have realized you had that problem but he sure knew you did and when he told you what it was there was no doubt you had that problem.

It's like in the silent movie days when a skilled movie maker could convey a compelling message through the screen without even one spoken word.

The wealthy affiliate is a master salesman that makes his living online every single day. Training makes the difference between an affiliate and a Wealthy Affiliate [http://www.onlinemoneytruth.com/wa.html]

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