Five Fresh Ideas For A Home Based Business

  1. Write product descriptions. There are millions of items for sale online and if you were to do a search of just one product on Google you would find that the product descriptions are both the same. How is a company to stand out? Simple, they have you write an original product description for their items. Not only will they stand out, but they also have a better chance to be indexed higher in the search engines.
  2. Write a referral blog for local contractors. Blogs are still hot and very easy to use. Here's a twist on a referral business that's easy to start and basically free. First, start a blog and give it a good name. You can use and it's free. Second, get out the phone book and contact local contractors in your area. Let them know that you would like to feature them in your blog for FREE. Yes free (for now). Third, ask them for a list of references and also have them tell you about their business and exactly what they do. Take good notes. Fourth, enter a blog post for each contractor and tell about their company, what they do, and also the referral testimonials. Fifth, once you've got enough contractors and categories, make your blog known by emailing your friends and asking them to pass it on to their local homeowner friends. Have the homeowners sign up for your blog and collect their email. Finally, after a while you will have a vehicle to create real income. If you spend the time to build up your list and you either email them or have an RSS feed each time you add a contractor or someone posts a testimonial about a contractor, you can make a good case for contractors paying you. It should be easy to get 200 contractors. If they pay you $ 30 per month to be listed, that's $ 6000.oo per month for you.
  3. Start a price checking business. What exactly is a price checking business? If you go to Google and do a search for any product, you will find hundreds if not thousands of the same product on different sites and all at different prices. Problem, in order to be competitive, an online retailer must know what the competition is doing at all times. Problem, searching all those sites every minute of every day to keep up with pricing would be murder. Solution. You. If you have Microsoft Office 2003 there's a neat little trick you can do online. If you go to any site that sells anything and right click, and click "download to excel" it will allow you to pick the table you want to download and then put it in a nice table format in Excel. Also, anytime the Query is refreshed and a price changes, the spreadsheet will update. To market this service simply pick any product, do a Google search and collect the information from the top 20 websites. Make your spreadsheet with just that one product and contact the owners and offer to send the spreadsheet to them for free so that they can try it out. One product, 20 leads. Charge per 20, 50, or 100 products. It's a one time deal for you but you can send the information monthly or weekly and charge accordingly.
  4. Be a link finder. What is a link finder? With Google's new patent application we were able to delve a little deeper into their secrets. Because of this we have found that it's definitely not the number of links but the quality of links to your site that counts. Not only that but you better be sure the sites that link to you are relevant sites. Now, go online and pick any niche. Research the companies, do a link check, and also a keyword analysis. Now use the keywords and links to find relevant sites for that niche. Go to the sites, find their linking policies, and put it in report format. Also be sure to use Google's page rank feature and do not include and page ranked under four. Now you have information for sale. You can even put the information in eBook form and sale it on a website. Remember, you're looking for complimentary companies, not competition.
  5. Start an online PR firm. This will be fun. Here's how it works. Pick a niche. Subscribe to as many forums and Blogs as you can find in that niche. Set up RSS (Really Simple Syndication) for these blog post and forums. There will be many opportunities where someone in those Blogs and forums could benefit from the knowledge or a product of a company you represent. For instance, suppose someone is looking for a blue widget with automatic wipers and supercharged carburetion, since you know the companies you're representing and their products or knowledge base, you should be able to give a minority referral for these companies. Charge per referral and simply send a report each month with the links to the Blogs or posts.

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