Hawaiian Children's Party Ideas

Hawaiian themed parties are exotic and exciting. There are a number of activities and games that can be implemented, in addition to flavorful snacks and foods. By careful preparation and planning, you can throw together a party that will not only be successful and inexpensive but also make a lasting impression on all the guests who attend.

Hawaiian themed parties can be practically held anywhere. Some may want it at home, while others may opt to hold the party on a beach, or near a pond or lake. Whatever your inclination, to have a successful Hawaiian party, parents just need to keep some details in mind.

The birthday child wears a grass skirt to distinguish him or her from the guests. Then when they guests arrive they are garlanded with leis, which are flower necklaces that Hawaiians traditionally put around visitors neck when they get off the plane. This starts the party on the correct footing; the kids can feel the excitement. Limbo is a great and popular game because it is easy to play. Two adults hold two ends of a bar while the kids try to bend back and at the same time maneuver under the bar. Sometimes the song 'Limbo Rock' can be played to accompany the movement. As the child gets through, the bar is lowered further and further until only one child remains. This child is declared the winner and is given a special Hawaiian party themed prize.

Instead of hot potato, play the hot coconut game. A coconut simply replaces the potato. An adult, with his back toward the children, puts on the music and then stop. When the music stops, whoever is holding the coconut will be out. The process is repeated until only one child is left and that child is the winner. Sometimes the game is repeated to give other children a chance to win a prize.

Scavenger hunts are fun for kids especially when all the items on the list are related to Hawaii. The children are divided into two groups and the winning group wins a prize. Sometimes two different lists and different prizes are given to the groups, which would limit competition but still allow everyone involved to get a prize. Having different crafts available will keep the children satisfied and happy. They can learn to dance hula or make their own leis. Parents can give party favors with Hawaiian theme as well for the guests to take home.

With some hints and help on ideas, parents should have no problem arranging a Hawaiian themed party for their kids. Aloha!

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