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Lead Generating Reports

If you have ever wondered how you can make more sales with reprint rights products, pull up a chair and get comfortable because I am about to reveal a foolish fool-proof method of marketing your reprint rights products …

The Lead Generating Report

Switched on mail order experts have known for many years that one of the best ways to attract targeted, ready-to-buy leads is to use a simple lead generating report.

The basic idea is to create a short report that addresses some of the hot buttons of your target market.

You then offer prospects this report via direct mail or online.

Essential Components of a Lead Generating Report

1. An Open Loop. Your report should open a loop in your prospects mind that will cause them to seek closure.

EXAMPLE: 'Seven Deadly Mistakes That Cost Reprint Rights Owners Big Money and How to Avoid Them or Fix Them If You Have Made Them Already'

Interested reprint rights owners read this and think:

  • What are these 7 deadly mistakes?
  • Am I making them?
  • How much money am I losing?
  • What steps do I need to take to fix things?

2. The Presentation of Your Package As the ULTIMATE Solution Your report should explain the benefits of owning your products. It should point out that owning your package can supply the solution to their problems.

3. A Professional Cover I suggest using a service like to get a professional looking report cover created.

4. A Special Offer Linked to the Report You could tell people: 'As a way of saying Thank you for reading this report, we would like to offer you the following exclusive bonus gifts when you order our package …'

5. A Time Deadline … If you place your order by 11 am on Tuesday the 17th we will also include the following early-bird gifts …

6. Testimonials From Satisfied Clients There is an adage in marketing that says: Facts TELL But Testimonials SELL.

Do not have any testimonials yet?

No problem.

Just give away 25-50 digital copies of your package and ask people for testimonials in return.

NOTE: Always emphasize that you only want genuine feedback.

7. Professional Photographs get some appropriate pictures from to compliment your theme.

Why Lead Generating Reports Work

a) They present YOU as the expert and build credibility.

b) They help target interested prospects.

c) They give you a chance to tell your own sales story.

d) They give you a valid reason to follow-up on your prospects.

e) They make you stand out from the crowd.

f) They automate your marketing process.

If you want to see better results in marketing your reprint rights products, follow these simple steps and write a lead generating report.

The results will amaze you.

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