The Top Google AdWords Secrets

If you know how Google AdWords works, you will realize that its concept is basically like a regular auction. But although Google AdWords and other keyword based advertising generally works under the same principle, getting the hang of it is actually not that simple.

In Google AdWords, there is such a thing called AdWords Quality Score – a certain number that most online marketers, business owners, and advertisers tend to worry about a lot. This Quality Score means spending less while getting more customers to visit your site.

Say for example your annual budget for Google AdWords alone is about five thousand dollars. Be realistic, if you are competing with larger companies you are definitely facing AdWords budgets several times larger than your own – that means they can practically have more bidding power than you do when it comes to bidding on key words or key phrases where you want your ads to appear.

When you are up against a company with a bigger Google AdWords budget, you are practically out of luck. But the good thing Google AdWords is it is not a straight auction, thanks to the Quality Score.

Google assigns every advertisement placed online a Quality Score, a number between 1 and 10 that shows what users feel about a certain ad as well as the web page that it links to according to Google. This score will influence how high your ad will rank in an auction.

When you have a higher Quality Score, it means you are very capable at outranking your competitors with higher bids, and get much out of your every advertising dollar. Consequently, a double Score implies that you only have to pay half as much with every click.

Here are some secrets behind Google AdWords promotions that might help your advertising campaign.

  • Make sure the ads you run will compel users to click

Running ads that users will not click is a huge mistake even when not clicking the ads costs you nothing. One of the most important factors that affect the Quality Score is the click through rate (CTR) of an ad – an ad that does not inspire clicks is useless.

  • Group your keywords and run ads for each group

It is better for Google and for your business if you breakdown your keywords into groups and run ads according to each group, sending users to a particular landing page for every keyword. It is more effective to divide several hundred keywords into groups of fewer words that each relate to a common desire or need.

  • Use only relevant keywords

Get rid of keywords that are not helping you. If you change the keywords that you bid on, your customers will dramatically increase because of a more specific and a more diluted ad campaigns.

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