Would You Like To Start and Grow Your Own Business Passed Your Own Expectations?

Part 2 of "Having Your Successful Business"

How do they do it? Some people just have a knack for achieving whatever they set their mind to. In this section, I'm going to tell you why successful people begin to surpass their own expectations … and how you can to!

One of the first things you will not pick up on when speaking with these people is how they start conversation. "Hey, how are you doing?" Simple enough. We all do that. But stop and listen further.

"How's the family", "How are things at work", etcetera. They have mastered the art of conversation. Secret number one exposed: They are more concerned with YOU than themselves.

Makes sense does not it? What do people know more about than themselves? It's everyone's favorite subject plus it shows you are interested in THEM.

Start thinking about what you can for others. The main goal in business is not how much money you make. Contrary to the main theories behind business, money should not be in the top three reasons.

Customers keep your dream alive. It's the fuel needed to make this machine run. And good conversation skills are needed to start this. In fact, this is paramount in any business.

But what good are your products or services if they do not see the benefit? Actually, what good is it to even present your products if they do not feel worthy enough to look into it?

This is the focal point of growing your business: Help others get what they want.

Here is the probability the second most important skill they've mastered. If you are going to develop a good customer-base, you need to convert these into as many REPEAT customers as possible.

Is what you're giving worth enough to keep them buying from you? What can I do better to make your experience worthwhile? This is excellent knowledge to have!

These are fundamental functions of growing your successful business. It's all about doing the basics every time you work.

So, you have great products, good customer service and your potential prospect is impressed. Surprisingly, you hear this: "No thanks."

What happened?

Nothing. It's not that big of deal. There are two sources of this objection:

1) It's just bad timing or

2) They're not got into a position to where your products will help them.

Just because they are not interested now does not mean they will not be interested in a few months. Most likely timing is not right. Ninety percent of sales are made after the seventh contact. This is where most businesses fall short … way short!

Now do not go out and hassle them until they say "yes", but rather follow-up a little while later. They will appreciate this commitment without feeling hassled.

In our next part, we will discuss an industry that might give you the best chance of having a successful business!

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