Secretaries Day Ideas and Facts

Bosses all across America greet Secretaries Day with mixed emotions. Many of them are glad to have the opportunity to say a heart felt "Thanks" to their employees without sending the wrong message. Others are miffed that yet another gifting holiday demands their time and money. There are options for even the Secretaries day humbugs that can make valuable employees aware that they are much appreciated.

The overly casual office that is more likely to be the setting for stapler in gelatin pranks than flowers for the secretary may take some thought. The right gifts for this secretarial pool better strike just the right cord of light mirth and sincere gratitude. This may be the work environment that is perfect for bright shiny new office supplies; especially when the old ones are rusty from the gelatin. Gift cards from fast food restaurants work great in this work environment. Humorous greetings cards attached to this sort of gift bag are just the right touch for Secretaries Day.

Rich bosses beware: your secretaries expect better treatment. They typically have better skills and probably expect to be thanked for their services on Secretaries Day. They probably would never dream of admitting the fact but this is their profession and they demand respect. Forgetting to honor the administrative assistant could be an awful office faux pas. On the other hand going overboard is gushy and wrong.

The best bet is to keep the gift simple but professional. An executive office is a well tuned and efficient machine. Let the gift of flowers and a card be enough. If, for some reason, flowers are not allowed or not likely to be appreciated; then give a gift card to a nicer department store. Office attire is an expensive but necessary expense and this would help with that effort.

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