Starting a Personal Training Business – How Much Will it Really Cost You?

I was listening to an audio seminar directed by a personal trainer for personal trainers who wanted to make serious money from personal training.

One of the points he mentioned was that a personal training business could be started for $ 1000 or less. That got me thinking.

I have a degree in Business Administration and I have been doing a fair amount of research over the last five years about starting businesses and I was not sure if he was right.

When you listen to one of these audio seminars, you are invited to believe the presenter because they are the expert. Well, I would have to say that the answer to the question is yes and no – and here are three questions to help you figure it out.

1. Are you certified?

If you have not been certified by an NCCA (National Commission for Certified Agencies) accredited program and have your adult CPR certification from the American Red Cross or American Heart Association, then your costs will go up. Expect to spend at least $ 500 depending on your previous experience for the cost of testing, study materials, and your CPR certification.

2. What equipment do you already own?

This is of most importance if you plan being a personal trainer who trains clients in their home. If you are going to work at a gym, club, or studio, then this cost will not apply to you.

However, many of us who become trainers have a fair bit of equipment. However, if you feel there is something you need to add, it can usually be picked up used through classifieds and garage sales or brand new at a discount from an equipment store. So, for this, your costs could be zero to $ 200- $ 300.

3. What will your marketing materials be?

If you plan on sticking to just business cards and brochures (which you should have regardless of starting a business or being an employees), you still need to figure out the cost associated with everything marketing material you want printed. This is still important even if you print them yourself (which I do not recommend).

I had 1000 business cards printed by a chain office supply store and it cost me about $ 54. I designed the card on their website and placed an initial order for 500. Then I found a coupon on their website that allowed me to get another 500 printed for free. It was a great deal and you should consider things like that when starting your own personal training business.

Brochures, matching letterhead, etc. will all have their own prices. If I had ordered the matching letterhead with envelopes, that would have been another $ 80. But, that is just one store. So, just for business cards and potentially matching stationary, that cost is $ 134. And I still need brochures.

Just adding those three categories together, we get a total of $ 934. That is assuming $ 500 for certificates, $ 300 for equipment, and $ 134 for business cards and matching stationary. Your costs, of course, will differ, but the important thing is to realize that, just like any business, you could spend top dollar for everything or next to nothing for only the absolute necessities.

One final thing to remember: if you really want to start your personal training business for $ 1000 or less, you will want to consider running it from home so that you do not incur additional costs associated with leasing a space.

Personal Training is a great business and can be started for a small amount of money. However, cooler heads will always prevail when it comes to deciding how much to spend and for what you need to spend your money.

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