The #1 Way to Discover Exactly What to Sell on eBay For Profit

If you have decided to make money online by learning to sell on eBay, then you need to know exactly what to sell on eBay and also make sure that you can source those profitable products to ensure you get plenty of buyers. The advice here will help you get started if you want to know what to buy to sell on eBay.

If you just want to sell bits and pieces to earn some extra cash then putting your own personal things up to sell on eBay is a great place to start. But, you will eventually run out of used items gathered up from your attic, garage, shed and friends, so you will need to decide exactly where your hot products are going to come from in order to sell on eBay profitably.

Buying products to sell on eBay is a great, quick way to start your own serious business and become a trusted, responsible eBay seller. However, if you choose to buy to sell on eBay, remember that you may need a small amount of money to start-up.

Firstly, you need to decide what to sell on eBay. There are plenty of categories so take a look through and see what’s currently selling well. Chances are if a product is selling well for one eBay seller, you can sell it too! You then need to know the best places to find the product cheap enough to buy so that you make a good profit once you sell on eBay.

You might already be aware of some places where you can start looking to source products for your buy to sell on eBay business, but if not, then here are some pointers which will help you get your eBay business started.

Start your research here!

1. Car Boot Sales

If you are starting small, Car Boot Sales are the perfect place to begin. Buying products to sell on eBay from here almost guarantees you will be able to buy products cheaply and you will have a wide range of items to choose from. Do some research beforehand so that you know that buyers will be interested in the products you source to sell on eBay.

2. Buy on eBay to Sell on eBay!

eBay itself is actually an excellent source for buying products to sell on eBay! You can buy wholesale lots or single items, it’s up to you, as long as you know what you are purchasing and you think you can sell on eBay for profit.

3. Dropshipping

Dropshipping companies are wholesalers who will ship products to your customers for you. They hold stock, you let them know when you make a sale on eBay and they dispatch the order to your eBay customer. This way, if you don’t have any capital, you don’t need to purchase products up-front to sell on eBay, you simply list, sell, order and they dispatch. You don’t need a warehouse for your products which is great if space is limited. Do a Google search for dropshipper directories but do make sure they are a reputable company before you buy to sell on eBay.

4. Business Partnerships

It’s possible that a local business in your area may stock the products you require for your buy to sell on eBay business. Contact them and see if they will sell to you at wholesale cost. You can then sell the product on eBay.

5. Craft Fairs

Crafts is a very popular category to sell within on eBay with plenty of eBay sellers to be found! Craft Fairs are excellent sources for unique or specialised products. Go and browse and chat with the stall-holders and see if you can come to an arrangement to buy a certain quantity of a product from them or set up an on-going exclusive partnership specifically getting products to sell on eBay.

If you are aiming big with your eBay business then try the following:

Trade shows where there is a wide selection of manufacturers and merchandise. Permanent Markets where you can meet up regularly with product suppliers and get low prices for retail or wholesale purchases. Online wholesale directories will point you to even more places where you can buy products to sell on eBay. Importers/Exporters are great for larger quantities at very low prices, if you want to buy to sell on eBay UK, or worldwide sites.

Remember, if you want to buy to sell on eBay and become successful, you will need to use your common sense, research things thoroughly and look forward to a challenge!

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