Ebay Profiting Secrets – Why Do You Need to Use an Ebay Sales Funnel For Your Auction Business?

A sales funnel when efficiently operated can help you build a highly profitable business. Ideally, you start off with a free offer, follow up with a low value product and gradually build up value base till you reach the target product. E-bay is a very useful place where you can build up a sales funnel efficiently.

Why use a sales funnel

Most customers are price sensitive. This means that even when you are offering a wonderful product at a price of say $ 199.0 the customer would instantly navigate away from the page, the moment he looks the price tag. You may be denied the opportunity to explain how the price is justified and the various benefits the product can bring to the customer. On the other hand, smaller price tags are often attractive to customers and they are willing to try various things which come at cheap prices like $ 10.0 or even free.

The amount of persuasion and sales pitch required is very minimal. When you repeat the process with the same individual over a period of time, you gain his confidence. Once you are confident that the customer will listen to you, gradually build your sales pitch for the target product.

Regular communication

One of the key elements in building a successful sales funnel is regular communication. Remember, your target is to sell the higher priced product to the customer. It is important there before that you maintain a continuous flow of e-mails even if the response from the customer is not regular.

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