Golden Opportunity Revealed – An Add-On Revenue Source for Commercial-Residential Small Biz Services

Great New Ideas with No Proven Market, Equals Little Chance of Success

Offering an innovative service is sometimes difficult to "sell" to customers simply because past history for the "need of service" does not exist. Revolutionary business concepts require educating the public. For a sole entrepreneur with a small business, this is nearly impossible as it is too time-consuming and much too expensive. Nonetheless, introducing an innovative service that provides a solution to a public health problem near epidemic proportions, as documented by US government agencies and US health organizations, allows for an excellent opportunity to get a foothold into a new, and sure to grow, industry. By exploiting major corporations who are "in the know" and who are aggressively spending millions of TV advertising dollars on allocate solutions to the problem, an entrepreneur with a small business can "piggyback" on the marketing efforts these unintended advertising partners.

Poor Indoor Air Quality is Causing Health Problems in Epidemic Proportions

In January of 2007, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) launched its new website ( ). The campaign to educate the American public on the hazards poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has become the EPA's new "battle cry" resulting in government agencies and health organizations across the nation to join together in partnerships. Additionally, the EPA has produced public service announcements (PSA's) available on their website for wide-spread public broadcasting purposes.

Government, health, and university studies, have all reached similar concluding. Since 1980 and due to energy conservation practices implemented in the construction industry during the late 1970's, respiratory diseases have increased year after year. Building better insulated and more "air-tight" structures lowered energy usage substantively, but also allowed indoor air pollutants and allergens to accumulate. On average, indoor air quality is now 2 to 5 times worse than outdoor air quality and sometimes as much as 100 times, or even 500 times worse.

Most unfortunate, is that those persons who are most susceptible to the ill-effects of poor indoor air quality, are also the same persons who spend 95% of their lives indoors. Although everyone, including those deemed extremely healthy, do suffer from the ill-health effects of indoor air pollution to varying degrees, infants, toddlers, pre-schoolers, the elderly, and persons with chronic illnesses suffer the most. Cases of diagnosed asthma, "hidden" asthma, asthma deaths, and other respiratory illnesses are reaching epidemic proportions.

Great New Ideas Exploiting Big Business Advertising $$$ Equals Success

While pollen is the # 1 outdoor allergen, the # 1 indoor allergen is dust. Household dust is comprised of varying pollutants, but 80% to 90% of the allergenic properties of "dust" are produced by dust mites. This is why no single day passes that you do not see Big Business televising products that mention and presumably address the problems caused by dust mites. And where do dust mites live? They live, thrive, and breed, by the millions primarily in our beds where humans provide an ideal micro-habitat or miniature ecosystem perfectly suited for dust mites. Unfortunately for the public, the products that are being promoted by Big Business have an extremely minimal impact on the source of the problem as these products do not attack the source (dust mites).

Combining all of the above facts with the following facts; nation-wide "health and wellness" movement, the increasing numbers of customers seeking "green" or earth friendly services, and baby-boomers with disposable incomes, small business owners can optimize their residential / commercial services for additional revenue. Now is the time to utilize your creative entrepreneurial spirit and incorporate into your current business, "Home Indoor Allergen Control" that focuses on the primary cause of poor indoor quality quality, by offering mattress cleaning services to your present and future customer base.

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