How Can I Use Business Mentoring?

If you are running a small business and have ever felt at your wits end when things seem to be going wrong one after the other, then you could probably take great comfort from having a business mentor. A business mentor is someone who is there to listen to ideas and your thoughts and give you some insight from personal experience in business.

However a business mentor is so much more than just a sounding board and someone who gives advice, over time trust will build up between the two of you along with friendship if you allow it. The course will depend on the ground rules which you set out at the beginning of the partnership and this should be clearly outlined.

Having a business mentor around can help in so many ways, sometimes one of the most important is knowing that you have someone you can turn to for advice, and who will give this advice honestly. For example if you need to sound out an idea about something, your mentor is there for you. They will listen to you and give them their honest opinion, this opinion is not something that they take lightly, but will be based on their past experiences in their own business.

The benefits of having a business mentor are many and once you have taken the plunge you will wonder how you managed to cope without one. The majority of people have heard the saying "Been there, seen it and done it", this saying certainly applies to the business mentor, for they will have vast experience and knowledge and will know what you are going through.

When faced with critical decisions in your business, your mentor can be a life saver, they can certainly take the strain and stress from you. One of the largest benefits to those starting out in business is that due to the mentor being experienced in business they will have many contacts. These contacts of course can be an awful help to those just starting out.

Your business mentor can help you to look at aspects from a different angle, many times we get stuck on a point and can not find a solution to our problems, your mentor will help you to step back and look at the problem from a different angle. Helping you to develop strategies and make advances in your business is a quality which should not be forgotten when thinking about the many benefits, this along with the confidence and self-esteem that having a mentor around can build, are excellent reasons for having a business mentor in your corner.

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