Lack Of Focus – Spring Fever For The Entrepreneur

Okay, okay, I admit it – I have a pretty bad case of it right now and it is one of those maladies that if not addressed can get pretty serious: Lack of Focus! I know somewhere in the pit of my stomach that if I do not pull myself together and get the lens back into focus and the energies all flowing in the same direction and my mind on the tasks at hand that I am in for a few few days, weeks, months …… Well, if I have your attention, let's both take a deep breath and see if we can get back on track before our distractions have taken us too far off course.

When you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner, it is often easy to get the flights of fancy that this type of position in life offers you. Of course you have to answer to the clients, the vendors, the spouse, the bank, the partners – maybe even your cat or dog who knowsly can tell that you are not quite on track. But it is very exhilarating to allow yourself to explore the "possibilities" that the world has to offer and the excitation of starting something new. I think that is what I am going through at this time – not an epiphany but an evolution of the next phase in our organization's growth. A kind of business "spring fever" that has me thinking of all the opportunities that are just within our sentences.

Honestly, our organization is in the middle of making some changes in direction – not abandoning our strengths, but rather trying to supplement what we are doing on an individual client basis and tweaking our marketing focus to reach out to more organizations and clients in helping them grow their businesses. I have to admit that after working on this plan for the past few weeks, I am excited and nervous, titillated and fearful, but it is the inevitable working towards these new goals and taking a new direction that causes me to think about how the " lack of focus " in any enterprise or business can definitely take a toll if not managed properly and put into perspective.

But, I have some very good news for my fellow entrepreneurs and business compatriots. Out of a severe "lack of focus" and the chance to think outside of the box and allow ourselves the visualization of our next phase of business success, growth, expansion, or diversification will come great ideas for our organizations, new ways of marketing and promotion, and a better understanding of why exactly we do what we love in business!

Just like a new romance, we have to let the glow of the possibility resonate within us. I may be naive, but I believe that in order to suffer from lack of focus – you must have had it at some time.

It is nearly impossible to achieve much success in business or life without the discipline and the practice of focus. So I will allow myself this time to get back on track and integrate the best of the new ideas and possibilities into the structure and foundation that will put me back on track with a new energy and zeal for success.

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