Party with Glowsticks: Menu Ideas

You may be looking around for a good glowsticks menu that goes well with the glowsticks party that is becoming popular these days. It can be hard to come up with a good menu with edible foods. After all the chemicals in glowsticks are not exactlyible. And I do not believe there are any food additives on the market that will make food glow in the dark, unfortunately at any rate.

You can work with the idea of ​​light in the dark when preparing your menu. Drinks can easily be accentuated with glowsticks products. Many companies create bottles that glow in the dark that are safe to drink from and there are also glow in the dark bands that can be snapped onto the bottom of glass beer bottles to make an interesting glowing drink.

Other edible tricks can be found that used glowsticks, but they are not like real menu items. Many companies sell lighted, floating LED ice cubes. They are plastic and do not try to eat them. They just make a decorative accent. You'll also find glow in the dark plates at a few places that you can place food on.

If you are looking for foods that can actually make a dramatic entry, think about trying out some flambé recipes. Flambé involves lighting the alcohol used in many food recipes on fire. It creates a short lived, but dramatic flame to wow the guests at the table with. I recommend that you have at least dim lighting in the room where guests will be eating and you'll be trying flambé's. It's much safer that way, plus it's easier for the guests to eat. There are also some recipes that make use of lighted sparklers as accents and you may even come across a flaming meatball recipe or two in your search for menu items at your next glowsticks party.

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