5 Tips to Profit From Email Marketing

Want to Profit from Email Marketing?

Tip # 1: Address Recipients with Their Name in Email Campaigns

Make your newsletter recipients feel more like themselves, less like mere numbers by greeting them individually and personally. This will show them you did not just SPAM out 1,000,000 emails to whatever was available. Connect with your customers on an individual basis and your profits will grow.

Tip # 2: Create a Clear Call to Action in Email Marketing Campaigns

Make sure recipients of your email marketing message know what you expect them to do and also what they can expect from you. Nothing is more confusing to an email recipient than a message that "beats around the bush", one way to NOT Profit with Email Marketing is to confuse your customers.

Tip # 3: Preview the Deal at the Top

Move your boring stuff down the email page, lead the email with your "best offer" in colorful graphics or wording. If the very first part of your email catches your customers attention, they will read the email and are more likely to follow up.

Tip # 4: Ease up on the Exclamation Points and Question Marks

The path to successful email marketing is not paved with exclamation marks and question marks. The idea is to bold the important words and bring out others with colors and rarely italics. Nothing is more annoying and unprofessional to a prospective customer than seeing this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! So be careful with your usage of! and?

Tip # 5: Make Landing Pages Fit Your Email Marketing Campaign

An email marketing campaign is worth nothing without a landing page, so make sure it actually belongs to its campaign and does not irritate the user. The style, type, and colors should fit closely to the landing page of your campaign. Another way to help avoid confusion is to make sure these two look very closely related.

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